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Magma built the largest network of vegan and plant-based influencers across Latin America.

We help your brand to get more customers, to save time on your online marketing and to generate a high ROI. Our aim is to allow you to conserve the core values of your brand while growing.

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We work with influencers specialized in different fields, from cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle to plant-based food and ethical travel. We have a networks of influencers in more than XXX countries, so that you can reach your target audience easily.

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Plant-based in a segment in strong growth in Latin America

Latin Americans eat more and more plant-based food. There are many reasons to this but, including environmental concerns. Indeed, 68% of consumers in Argentina, Chile and Brazil say they care about the sustainability of what they eat. Then is the rise of special diets like vegetarianism, veganism, or flexitarianism. Finally, milk intolerance affects a majority of the Latin Americans. Therefore, plant-based proteins are a better option.

It’s time for you to enter this market!

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Why we are the perfect team for your plant-based business

We are Patricia and Emmanuel, the two cofounders of Magma Latam. We are vegan, and we started a digital marketing agency focusing on the Latin American market 10 years ago. We decided to align it with our values and to help plant-based business grow in this region.

Our team is supervised by Patricia Maroday, a certified vegan coach from the Main Street Vegan Academy and certified vegan nutritionist from the Cornell University.

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